CleverStack provides you with a cutting edge development workflow for AngularJS, NodeJS and other JavaScript driven web apps.

Business Benefit

Here are a few concise business benefits of using CleverStack:

  1. Reduces the delivery time of your MVP.
  2. Features you choose out of our CleverStack box have already been developed.
  3. More time spent on your actual features.

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Developer Benefit

Here are a few concise developer benefits of using CleverStack:

  1. Use cutting edge web technologies.
  2. Work on a modular architecture build around reuse of code.
  3. Work with top developers all around the world.

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CleverStack uses some great technologies such as Node, NPM, Grunt, Bower and others to manage components, dependencies and manage your development workflow.


CleverStack uses Node Package Manager (NPM) to install project package dependencies specified in package.json.


CleverStack uses Grunt to manage JavaScript tasks such as providing you with a development server with live reload, running of tests or producing a production build of your app.


CleverStack uses Bower to manage front-end JavaScript dependencies and install them as components for your project.


CleverStack promotes modularity where each module contains everything it needs to function including it's own package.json and it's own unit tests.