This blog and video post shows you how to use the cleverstack CLI to create (init) a new project in under 10 minutes!

Prerequisite — Install the CLI, grunt-cli and bower:

1 npm i -g cleverstack-cli grunt-cli bower

Step 1— Use the CLI's init command:

1 clever init my-first-app

Step 2— Install backend modules for ORM, Auth, Accounts, Users & Roles:

1 cd my-first-app
2 clever install clever-orm clever-auth clever-accounts clever-users clever-roles
Note: In this demo i chose to install our SQL Based, Object Relational Mapper or ORM module, `clever-orm` — alternatively you could install our NoSQL Based, Object Document Mapper or ODM, `clever-odm` without any other code changes (only config) and have your app running off MongoDB!

Step 3— Start serving our app and go checkout it out in your browser!:

1 clever serve

Now you have a fully functioning Full Stack JavaScript Application using AngularJS & NodeJS built with the CleverStack framework.