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What is

In an effort to make rapid prototyping of web apps smarter, faster and easier, we decided to produce a tool for easy frontend and backend development. CleverStack makes rapid prototyping of your next project easy through the use of the latest open source development tools used by companies like Google, Facebook, Joyent, LinkedIn and many more.

CleverStack is an ecosystem of tools built by the open source community supporting the Angular.JS and Node.JS projects, combined with pieces the CleverStack core team has built to help make things faster and smarter for our clients worldwide.

Getting started

Why use Cleverstack?

Looking to get a web app up and running, but don’t want to have to reinvent the wheel? Want to make sure that the application will be scalable? Want to do it all fast, using code supported by a robust open source community and an amazing engineering team at a top development firm?

If yes, that is exactly what CleverStack is for.

Getting started

Who is

CleverStack is the result of on-going hard work by the core development team and sponsorship of CleverTech. CleverTech are the leading outsourced development team in New York City with staff across the world that focuses on helping both startups and enterprise clients make web applications faster and smarter using lean principles.
If you have an application you are looking to create and love the way CleverStack sounds, we would love to hear from you.

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